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Картинка - International Driving Permit in Tajikistan

International Driving Permit
for tourists in Tajikistan

With registration in the United Austrian IDP Database


  • International Driving Permit (IDP) from International Drivers Association - completes the National Driving License (NDL) in the form of a booklet of A6 format with the translation to 11 different languages that can confirm the right to operate motorized vehicles outside of person's country. 

    For your information: International Drivers Association does not have an official status without registration in the United Austrian IDP Database 

    How you can check the validity of IDP - it has to be registered in the country Police database or in the United Austrian IDP Database.

    IDP fully complies with international Conventions "On Road Traffic" which means you can use it in more than 170 countries. 

    The validity of IDP according to the legislation - 3 years but not longer than the validity of NDL.

    Our documents are accepted by transport authorities in the most popular touristic destinations, including Austria, USA, UAE, Italy, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Switzerland, South Korea, France, Spain, Germany and etc. 

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    PDF version of IDP
    Electronic PDF-document cannot replace the original IDP. According to the Police requirements, drivers are obliged to have a hard copy of their original documents with them whilst driving auto vehicles.

  • Driver's ID card (ID card is available only in select countries) - is an official document from International Drivers Association, which completes the IDP with important information:

    - driving experience - can affect the size of the deposit amount in car rentals and be useful for getting better car insurance rate;
    - registration address - helps to speed up the process of issuing a police report;
    - QR code - when you scan it, it automatically redirects you to the United Austrian Database so you can check the status of your IDP and download an electronic version of your document;

    This ID card can be presented to confirm your identity at the place of demand.

    This ID card is issued only to members of the International Drivers Association and gives to its owner benefits to use within the partner network.

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    National Driving License - is an official document that is issued by government bodies and confirms the right of its owner to operate motorized vehicles.

IDP standard from International Drivers Association