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Ukraine is a country with a rich heritage and amazing nature, an ideal place for traveling by car. When going on a trip through its expanses, do not forget that to rent a car you will need an international driving permit, as well as knowledge of basic traffic rules that will help you move around the country safely and confidently.

Travel starts with planning, and there are plenty of places to see in Ukraine.

  • Kyiv, the capital and heart of the country, amazes with its temples and monuments.

  • Lviv, with its atmospheric streets and architectural monuments, is included in the UNESCO heritage list.

  • Odessa, a pearl by the sea, will delight you with its architecture and beaches.

  • Kharkov, as a center of science and education, also has interesting places to visit.

The nature of Ukraine is no less attractive - from the forested slopes of the Carpathians to the wide expanses of the steppes. Traveling by car, you can enjoy the beauty of the Carpathians, where mountain trails and clear rivers offer excellent opportunities for active recreation. The Black Sea coast attracts those wishing to relax on the beach, and the Dnieper and its tributaries offer many places for picnics and swimming.

When traveling around Ukraine, it is important to remember to comply with the speed limit and traffic rules.

  • The country actively enforces regulations, including seat belt use, speed limits and sober driving.

  • Parking in cities may require a fee, and it is important to pay attention to signs and markings.

In Ukraine, everyone will find something for themselves: historical monuments, natural beauty, hospitable people and cozy cities. When planning your route, consider the distances between cities and possible weather conditions. Explore this land full of discovery and adventure, and may your trip be safe and unforgettable. Good luck on your journey and new impressions on the roads of Ukraine!