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Discovering Romania by Car

Occupying its special place between central and south-eastern Europe, Romania attracts attention with its rich history, beautiful landscapes and diverse culture. Bucharest, the capital of the country, and many other cities and villages in Romania offer travelers unforgettable road trip routes.

Importance of an International Driving Permit in Romania

To drive a car in Romania, foreign drivers must have an international driving permit. This addition to your National Driver's License makes it easier to interact with local law enforcement and keeps you safe on the road.

Quality and Features of Roads in Romania

The roads in Romania offer a varied driving experience, from well-developed motorways to less well-maintained stretches in the countryside. Travelers should be prepared to encounter potholes and uneven surfaces on less-used roads, as well as possible road construction.

Strictness of Road Rules

Romania is famous for its strict road rules. Violations can result in serious consequences, including confiscation of your driver's license and large fines. Particular attention is paid to compliance with the rules on giving priority to pedestrians and prohibiting drunk driving.

Tips for Safe Driving in Romania

Using Hazard Lights: It is important to turn them on in conditions of poor visibility or congestion.

Speed Limits: Follow local speed limits and be especially careful in cities and at intersections.

Pedestrians and cyclists: Pedestrian and cyclist traffic is common along roads in Romania, so always be careful.

Road Checkpoints: Be prepared for ID checks and comply with all police requirements.

Navigation and route planning: Use GPS or maps to determine the best routes and avoid unexpected complications.

Traveling by car in Romania reveals the country with its unique landscape and cultural richness. Familiarization with local traffic rules and conditions, as well as careful route planning will help make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible.