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Exploring Argentina by Car

Argentina is a unique destination for road trips, showcasing its diverse landscapes, cultural wonders, and captivating routes. For those embarking on a journey through Argentina, we have compiled a selection of useful tips and recommendations to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

International Driver's Permit

If your plans include driving within Argentina, it is recommended to obtain an International Driver's Permit (IDP) in advance. Having an IDP can be useful for presenting to law enforcement or when renting a car. To get an IDP, simply fill out the application form available on our website.

Basic Traffic Rules in Argentina:

  1. Traffic in Argentina is right-hand drive.

  1. Parking rules may vary in different cities in Argentina. Be vigilant, paying attention to signs and notifications to avoid violations or towing of your car.

  2. Apply common safety measures when parking or leaving your car in unprotected areas, just as you would in any country. Keep valuables out of sight, secure your vehicle, and avoid stops in poorly lit or sparsely populated areas.

  3. It is recommended to rent a car in advance, especially if your trip coincides with the peak season or increased tourist activity. Pre-booking increases your chances of getting competitive prices and a diverse choice of vehicles.

  1. Thoroughly review the rental conditions, including age restrictions, driving experience requirements, insurance terms, and additional fees (such as additional drivers or GPS navigation) before signing any documents. Familiarize yourself with all the terms before signing.

  2. Before taking possession of the rented car, carefully inspect it and document any pre-existing damage. This precaution prevents misunderstandings or erroneous claims for damage reimbursement when returning the vehicle. If necessary, take photos or video of the car's condition.

  3. In the absence of personal navigation tools, activate a GPS navigation system or use various mobile navigation apps. This helps you move smoothly along your route and eliminates unnecessary hassles.

  4. Essential Documentation and Insurance: Ensure you have all the necessary documents for renting a car, including valid driver's licenses, international permits, and a credit card in the name of the primary driver for deposit purposes. It is also advisable to consider optional insurance coverage to protect against potential damage or theft of the vehicle.

A road trip in Argentina promises a wonderful adventure, and the above-mentioned rules will serve as your compass to help you navigate your journey with ease.